LA-NY 2011

We thought a great deal about organizing a trans-continental race and in 2007 launched the idea of a trans-Australian race, following  our reconnaissance in that huge continent, which continues to hold us in its spell. It was presumptuous to think we could organize that race at the beginning of 2008 for a departure in October. Both the organizers and the participants need time to put together such a venture. The crossing has not been thrown out; we are keeping it warm in a drawer…

Speaking of transcontinental races in stages, well after the “Trans America “of Jesse Dale Riley and Michael Kenney in 1992, the first since 1928, there was the “Race of Fire” in Australia and now the “Trans Europe Footrace. “ But every year we have said to ourselves, why not organize another race across the North American continent? Alan Firth organized such an event in 2002 and 2004. Since then, there has been nothing. So we decided to re-launch our American dream in 2011. We can say right now that there won't be a second edition in 2012 but why not one in 2013… watch this space.

Our first idea was to scrupulously replicate the itinerary of 1928… on the trail of Andy Payne, winner of the first race between LA and NY. Very quickly we realized that it would not be possible because Route 66 no longer exists. Portions of the road exist for short distances but without warning they become Interstate 40. The myth has a tendency to disappear when it becomes a wide boulevard which is neither attractive nor interesting.

So began a period of questioning and facing choices which were often difficult to make.  We spent hours weighing the pros and cons of two, three or even four solutions.

But now we are ready and this time a French Group is re-telling an old tale: the crossing of the legendary United States of America; A mad project to live a once-in-a–lifetime experience.




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