Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LA-NY FOOTRACE?
It is a 70 stage footrace of approximately 46 miles per day between Los Angeles and New York City from June 19 to August 27 2011. The race will cross 14 states: California / Arizona / New Mexico / Oklahoma / Kansas / Missouri / Illinois / Indiana/ Ohio / West Virginia/  Pennsylvania / Maryland / New Jersey / New York

Who is organizing this race?
UltraRunning Association (URA), a French non-profit organization

History of the LA- NY Footrace
The first race across America took place during the big depression in 1928. As a promotional effort to market the newly created Highway 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago, organizer C.C. Pyle sent 199 runs on their way from LA over Chicago to New York. 55 runners finished.

Comparison  of the LA – NY Footrace 2011 against Mt Everest, RAAM or Tour Devide
In the 8 footraces across America since 1928 there where only 122 finisher. In total only 244 runners/walkers have crossed the Continent since 1909. Marshal Ulrich is the only person who has done both. He climbed 2004 Mt Everest and ran  across the country in 2008 with an average of 58 miles a day. He thinks that his run was a lot tougher.

What is more difficult, a solo run or a race across America?
In a solo run a runner can pick the time of the year to run. Record runs where usually done in Spring and April while all races since 1992 have been done during the summer.

A solo runner can choose the times he runs  depending on the weather and do breaks during the day as well to get as many miles in as possible. A racer has to stick with the schedule, the stage lenght and most important with the minimum pace of 3.5 miles an hour for every stage.

So solo runs can be easier with less than 50 miles a day and some record runs closer around 60 miles a day are considered to be more difficult than a stage race averaging 46 miles a day.

Are they different race categories in the LA –NY Footrace?
There are only two categories of runners in this race: Female and Male. There are no age group categories in this race. The average age is more than 48 years.

What are the rules?
The runners have to maintain a minum pace of 3.5 miles an hour for the stage to stay in the race. All stage times are added and the fastest runner wins the LA-NY Footrace 2011.

The race is open to whom?
To runners of all nationalities which are 18 years of age or older, whether used to running races in stages or not.

What kind of support do the Runners get?
The runners will get some basic support from the race organization during the stage. Also some breakfasts and dinners are organized my the organization. Its highly recommended that you bring your own crew and a car for a sufficent support.

Is a personal support team mandatory?
It is mandatory for the first 13 days of the race due to the high temperatures and weather conditions.  It is recommended for the rest of the race so the runner will have physical and moral support.

How many participants in the 2011 edition?
There are 15 runners, a kickbiker and a cyclist
6 nationalities (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, UK)

The price to run the race?
6175 US dollars for pre-enrollments
6500 US dollars for last minute enrollments (3 months before the race)

Why has this race been organized?
To share a passion and to enable those who are interested to see how they measure up.

How is such a race organized?
It’s a long and exacting task, in several steps:
•    On-site reconnaissance of the a route that is as close as possible to the 1928 1st edition’s route.
•    Create the road book: list all the stages and make note of all details.
•    Find places to sleep each night and organize the end of each day’s stage;
•    Make arrangements for rental vehicles;
•    Try to anticipate any questions that could come up concerning the race;
•    Write the race rules;
•    Find the people to be part of the organizing team and then manage this group

How much time has this taken to organize?
Several months and thousands of hours

How many people are needed to run the race organization?
There are 5 people in the organizing team

Who are they?
They are people who wish to live this adventure and who are available to do so.  They are professionals or people who wish to spend their vacation as part of the team and who, in most cases, have already been involved in a race in stages.

What is their role, their job?
Each person has a specific role, even if it is necessary to multi-task: reconnaissance of the following day’s route, responsibility for booking a place to sleep, food management if necessary, including purchase of supplies, running errands, seeing to it that the race rules are respected, ensuring runner refueling and assisting runners where necessary; giving support to all the runners in order to help them arrive in New York.

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