Laure Magnan - 39 France

Laure Magnan Since 1999, Laure has organized all the race running held by Serge : Australia, South America, Africa, Paris-Tokyo, and European Tour ( itinerary, logistic to cross each country, team’s management, bringing up to date website). Each time, Laura has learned more and more and is excited to share my experience with you.  Laure is excited to be the Race Director of this new Edition of a Trans America called the Los Angeles – New York Footrace.

Laure says:
I will do my best with my French Team: Anne, Bérengère, René, Bertrand, David, Emilie and Ludovic. They are used to taking care of long distance runners because all have been crew for Serge during the Paris- Tokyo Footrace or the European Tour Footrace. Everybody in this organization knows  what it means run 70 km or more, day after day and what an investment of  time and money it is to make happen to realize this dream. It is why we hope to help you day after day to reach you goal with all our heart and energy even if we know it will not be easy. We wish you a good race and all the best in this great adventure, not to be taken in moderation.

René GIRARD - 62 France

René  GIRARD Married, 2 children, 4 grandchildren and one great grandson. I’m’ retired and I have been a runner since I was in my teens.  After that for some 20 years I had a cycling license (road, track and some mountain biking) then I went back to running: semi-marathons, marathons and mountain races (Dentelles-Ventoux, Sierre-Zinal, Cross du Mont Blanc, Crêtes Vosgiennes) and races in stages (tour de l’Ain, du Jura).

In the winter I do alpine and cross country skiing and in the summer I do cycle tourism and mountain biking.I  crewed for Serge Girard on the Paris-Tokyo (62 days) and on the Around the European Union Footrace (323 days out of 365), and I wanted to continue discovering the world and challenges such as this one, where  surpassing oneself, sharing experiences and the  friendly atmosphere appeal to me.

Laure’s comment: René doesn’t speak English but he talks with his hands and makes himself understood wherever he goes.  He will be in charge of managing supplies and reconnoitering itineraries.  René is a man of many talents and he adapts to all situations and keeps a smile.  70 days of discipline will be a mere formality for him.

Anne PLAQUEVENT - 50 France (6/19-7/15)

Anne PLAQUEVENT Commercial assistant - I have been running since 1997 : marathon, trail marathon and 24 hour relay.  I like hiking, biking, traveling.

Laure’s comment:  Anne looks like a discreet mouse but she is always present where she is least expected.  Her kindness is only surpassed by her efficiency.  She will be on the road all day long, at your side and will be responsible for managing things for the organizers such as meals, laundry, etc., etc.

Bertrand PLAQUEVENT - 51 France (6/19-7/15)

Bertrand PLAQUEVENT General Foreman, electrical works - I have been running since 1997 : various marathons, mountain marathons, 100km in 24 hours (individual and relay).  Like my wife, Anne, I like hiking, cycling and traveling.I  was a support crew member for Serge Girard for 9 weeks on his Around the European Union Footrace. We wanted to be part of the LA-NY Footrace organization because we enjoy being with people and wanted to meet long distance runners who are passionate about what they do.  We are keen to live this fabulous adventure.  It would have been difficult to refuse being a part of this great team!!!!!!

Laure’s comment:  Bertrand is “a safe bet”.  He is aware of everything and  knows what to do in every situation.  He and his wife, Anne, will be with us from the start until D27, when they must return to France to their jobs.

David ANTOINE - 38 France (6/19-7/15)

David ANTOINE Married to Karine since 1998-  Customer Services Administrator in a bank. I played rugby for 5 years (and experienced all the benefits and friendship that went with it).  Due to injuries, I took up running.  I have run several marathons (Toronto, Paris, Luxembourg) without timing, just for the fun of it.

This will be my first experience on this type of race.  I have known Serge since he crossed Australia and gave a lecture in Metz in 2000.  Since then I have been a fan.  I ran twice with Serge (in the Vosges in December 2005 when the temperature was -17°C and in Metz in September 2010.

It will be wonderful to accompany these runners; it’s as if a musician learns that he will go on tour with the Rolling Stones….

Laure’s comment: David is our joker, who will be able to give me a hand with the computer, on top of all the other things he will be asked to do.  Thanks go to his wife for “lending” him to us for a while.

Bérengère COURANT - 32 France (7/15 -8/27)

Bérengère COURANT "Béren" (which is easier) - Accountant in an association that assists the handicapped. My hobbies are trekking and right at the moment « country and western dance».Sports: running, inside sport: SH’BAM and body attack.  I was immensely privileged to be a member of the support crew on Serge Girard’s Around the European Union Footrace for 6 weeks. To be part of the organizer’s team gives me the opportunity to surpass myself in order to be part of an EXTRAordinry adventure, which will be rich in cosmopolitan encounters.

Laure’s comment: Bérengère is a very talented professional.  She will be with us from Boise City (D27) to New York.  Always smiling, Bérengère is attentive and has a huge heart, which she opens to others.  She will replace Anne.

Emilie CARION - 27 France

Emilie CARION Physical Education teacher in a basket ball club and an education assistant in the Bourges High School, I was lucky to see Serge several times during his race around the European Union.
Serge’s challenge, his extraordinarily strong morale and his positive view of life really amazed me.  Laure’s suggestion that I be part of this new adventure is just extraordinary!  I see it as a fabulous human adventure!!
My hobbies: team sports, music, computer graphics, travel, meeting people.

Laure’s comment:  Emilie is full of life; she will know how her vitality can be of use to the race and the organizers.

Ludovic FORTIER - 40 France 7/31-8/27

Ludovic FORTIER Bachelor-  Physiotherapist since 1996 - I run, play tennis, swim and like mountain sports… I have been fortunate to participate in almost all Serge’s challenges and adventures, except when he crossed the United States.  So now it will be done with this new  adventure, which will be different for me because there will be several runners.  It’s a human adventure I  look forward to.

Laure’s comment:  Ludo has been with us when we crossed all the continents except the USA.  He has a vast experience in ultra-marathons and his hands are “made of gold”.  Starting at Owensville, he will be able to give a few massages for the last 4 weeks of the race. 

Brandi Resa - 38 USA

Brandi Resa Brandi organized the difficult part of the lodging for the LA-NY Footrace. Brandi was an All-American softball player at the University of Missouri-Columbia during college. Brandi did a lot of Adventure racing before she started running ultras. 3 x 100 mile finishes including the Leadville 100 in 2008 without support or pacer.

Sebastian Bentele - Germany

Sebastian Bentele IT developer – Since 1998 Sebastian is working for all of Ingo Schulzes, Trans Germany, Spree Run and Trans Europe races. He developed websites and race software. Sebastian developed the LA-NY Footrace website.

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