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Frostburg to Hancock / 20.08.2011
81.6 km / 4645.5 km complete
50.7 mi / 2886.6 mi complete
8 Participants at the start / 8 Participants at the stage finish

Reports of the 63. Stage

Daily stage results

1. 06 Rainer Koch Germany 8:11:25
2. 08 Italo Orru Italy 8:48:48
3. 05 Patrick Malandain France 9:48:34

Total race results

1. 06 Rainer Koch Germany 479:12:38
2. 05 Patrick Malandain France 557:51:21
3. 08 Italo Orru Italy 578:43:14

LMAugust 20th


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August 20th


Beautiful and difficult

A good question this morning before the start: will this stage be as difficult as yesterday?

Well, no, you canít say is will be easy, with 81.6 km and as many ups and downs, even if there is less positive ascent than yesterday.

It is hot this afternoon and some runners arrive covered in salt.

It is the case for Jenni, Serge and Mr. Koshita.

Rainer takes a wrong turn and covers 6 km extra, so Italo finds himself in first p lace for a few kilometers, before Rainer passes him and puts applies the Turbo.

Rainer finishes 40 minutes ahead of Italo, even though he passed him at about km 40, which makes 1 minute per kilometer faster than Italo on the 2nd part of the race.

Italo didnít even try to follow our maillot jaune! Waste of time.

Patrick decides not to run after Italo and runs his race trying to lose as little ground as possible.

He has to take care of himself because it reminds me of the Trans-Australia of2001 when the second place gave up a few days from the finish.

You have to hang in and even if there is only one week left you must never swear to anything because anything can happen!

Serge is always impressive on hills, which he climbs at his usual pace, a trot?

He is a metronome and his pace never varies going up or going down.

Bando takes 5th place and as far as I can remember it is the first time.

That devil, Banko stretches his arm toward the east, toward New York all day long.

Alexandro is fine, his morale is good and his wife still has not given birth.

Mr. Koshita never seems to be exhausted.

At the age of 60 he controls the situation and adapts his pace.

Itís impressive!

Finally, James is happy.

Gemma is back, delayed by traffic leaving New York

Thatís it for our 8 runners who will see New York in 8 days, after crossing this gigantic country.

The ups and downs are rough on the thighs and Jenni and Géard are sore.

Anneke doesnít seem to be bothered by the terrain and has been as smiling as usual for the past two days.

Markus finds the stage easy or at least the same as yesterdays.

He is the only one because all the others thought it was a difficult stage.

Mr. Ishihara is impressive, having run the last 21 stages in their entirety at the age of 66.

As often happens, Mr. Tanaka does not finish the stage and Philippe arrives tired and weary but happy to have finished the last two stages.

He is particularly appreciative of the Japanese crew, always superbly organized, with 3 people in the mobile crew for 5 runners.

Hats off for the work they do every day!

The support crews are tired and for them itís a challenge to follow the rhythm: June hooks a post and bends the radiator grill of the vehicle, which Rainer and René fix this evening.

Klaus is a shadow of himself; he has lost a lot of weigh and his features are drawn.

Messrs Nami, Iguchi and Papa are extremely tired and sometimes are napping when their runner arrive at the car.

To give themselves some pep they run while they are waiting.

Fabienne is always on the go and takes care of her husband marvellously well.

Patrick is lucky to have his wife with him and so attentive.

It is the best way to keep up the morale. Ludo joined William, who was beginning show signs of fatigue in crewing for Serge.

Everything is fine and boredom did not set in.

Simone and Mauro, who are with Alexandro, are extremely tired, to the point of not hearing the alarm a few days ago.

Lastly, the organizers have 2 vehicles to assist Jenni, Anneke, Italo and James, although James now has his preferred crew this evening: Gemma.

The organizing team is happy to crew for the runners, with whom they have established privileged contact.

The crew and the runner form a veritable team, the goal being to get the runner to New York.

Ever morning they all get up for the same reason .

Hats off to them all.

What a job!

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