Comparison of speed and placement

With the graphics it will be possible to compare average speeds and placement between 2 runners.
The scale shows the overall placement of all runners after each stage and will be shown after each stage in the overall placement to date.

Comparison of speed

With the graphic you can compare the average speed of any two runners.
Compared will be average speeds of a stage and the average speed up to any give stage.
Has a runner left the run but may be running in some stages his name will be shown in a different fond.
Notice that these times will not be listed on the constant statistic pages but on the overall participant’s statistics.
It is possible to compare all runners of LANY2011.
To bring all times into one format we will list the average daily average speed of all runners per each stage for easy comparison.

W. Orange to New York / 27.08.2011
56.6 km / 5139.2 km complete
35.2 mi / 3193.4 mi complete
8 Participants at the start / 8 Participants at the stage finish


If you click on the graphics you will see it enlarged. You can change the size yourself by clicking in the address column on the w (width) and h (height) for adjustment.

All placements

The record will show the overall placement of each runner after each stage based on the overall placement after each stage. Those that left the race will be listed up to the point when they leave the race, based on run stages and overall placement. Red listing shows that his/her place has decreased based on the previous day, green shows an elevation in standing and yellow shows no change. The overall time of any participant can be seen by placing the mouse-pointer over the runner’s name (not clicking).

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